Well, here we are.

I’m hoping you stumbled on this site because you were looking for some handy hints for your upcoming exams. That’s good, as this is what I’m hoping to offer you.

I’ve been in education for around 20 years, as a teacher, senior leader, and school manager. In that time I reckon I put close to a thousand kids through one English exam or another. And only a tiny handful of them didn’t get a C grade (grade 5) or above.

I think one of the reasons for my success was that I managed to work out what is inside that dark and confusing place that we will refer to in this blog as ‘the examiner’s head’. Because if you understand right now that you are writing for only one person,a person who’ll be reading the papers of hundreds of others, you’ll do what they expect of you and will gain vital marks.

Sitting an exam is like many things in life: if you know the rules of the game you are more likely to succeed. In the words of ‘Rage Against the Machine’, you need to ‘know your enemy’.

If there is anything in the posts that follow that you need more clarification on, just drop me a line.

This is an extract from my book available for only 99p on Kindle: The Examiner’s Head



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